Enjoy your unique experience in a beautiful family run hotel in Zacatecas


Zacatecas is a beautiful historical colonial Mexican city. Founded in 1546, it quickly proved to be one of the richest silver mines in central america. Even today the local shops are filled with beautifully crafted silver jewelry.

The rose colored stone of the city is strikingly beautiful and at sunset the city glows with a heartfelt warmth. It’s said that Zacatecas has a “pink face and a heart of silver”.
There are numerous museums in Zacatecas from El Museo Rafeal Conoral with it’s 3000+ masks from all regions of Mexico, to the Modern Art Museum, and the Museum of the Battle of Zacatecas.

La Bufa the historic rocky ridge above the city offers spectacular views of the historic center. There is a cable car which allows easy access to the top of La Bufa and pedestrian walkways make for a great early morning workout.
Zacatecas itself is an experience, numerous cathedrals have sprouted up in the city over the years, and all of the streets and sidewalks are made of signature square flagstones. Serene parks dot the city offering tranquil spaces to relax and read a book or listen to local musicians.
Zacatecas sits at the junction between the european-esque culture of Colonial Mexico and the northern fields and farms. Here you’ll find shops selling spurs, tack and country clothes right next to shops offering the latest fashions from Europe.

As the sun dips below the ridge surrounding the city music sings out from nearly every street corner. The Zacatecas state band plays every Thursday in a plaza nearby the hotel and roving street festivals offer dancing, tequilia and the chance to meet new friends.
Food is available from almost every culture from Chinese to Indian to Vegetarian, the local cuisine found on the streets is hard to beat though. Fire roasted Tamales can be found for as little as 5 pesos, or sample some of our famous bakeries which are stuffed to the rafters with fresh pastries, bread and cakes.
Zacatecas is a city where you could stay for a year and still be surprised as what’s around the corner. Contact Us today and let us help plan your visit.